Carol Müller

Artist Statement

Obsessively bound to painting and its synthetic expression, my path as a french visual artist has developed in dialogue with numerous other disciplines. My artistic production encompasses drawing and photography as well as installation and new media (video, multimedia installation). Through many artist residency in the north of Europe (Iceland, Norway, Finland, Lapland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia), in quite remote area, I developp a conscientiousness of fragile ecosystem and human challenge. The question of the landscape is the ground of my artistic though.

Carol Müller




2021 Screening «Kronstadt undertow», Short Movie Club Film Festiva, Minsk (Belarus)

2020 "White trees for white sky ", Riga Photo Month, Latvia

2019 Artist Residency, Berlin Sessions Residency, Berlin, Germany

2019 Screening "Hahmajärvi", Paadmaan Video Event, Teheran, Iran

2019 Screening "Hahmajärvi", London Film Experimental Festival

2019 Screening "Kronstadt, undertow", Animashup festival, Angoulême

2019 Artist residency, SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland,

2019 " Sylt"(photography), Art Karlsruhe,  represented by courtesy Galerie Cécile Charron,Karlsruhe, Germany

2018 "ålvik"(photography), Fotofever, represented by courtesy Galerie Cécile Charron, Paris

2018 «Lectrices » (photography),  5th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Barcelona, Spain

2018 «About Moby Dick» (drawing), Atelier des vertus, Paris

2018 «Lectrices» (photography), Women Seen By Women Exhibition, Gallery Valid Foto, Barcelona, Spain

2017 Screnning «Hahmajärvi» and «Konstadt undertow» (Video) in French Institut, Riga, Latvia

2017 Artist residency, Rucka AIR, Latvia

2016 Artist residency NGO Kulturny Zentr, Arkhangelsk, Russie

2016 Screening «Kronstadt undertow», Scratch festival, Studio des Ursulines, Paris

2015 «Légendes »(photography) Espace Beaurepaire, Rencontres photographiques du Xeme, Paris

2015 Artist residency (post-production), Light Cone, Paris

2014 Artist residency, Ricklundgarden Foundation, Lapland (Sweden)

2014 «Cerveaux » (drawing), Cité des Sciences et d'l'industrie, Paris

2014 «Lectrices» (photography), Centre d’art Photographique contemporain Villa Pérochon , Niort (France)

2013 Exhibition «Kronstadt undertow», Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg (Russia)

2013 Artist Residency, NCCA, Kronstadt, Russia

2012 Artist Residency, Kunstnarhuset Messen, ålvik, Norway

2012 Assisi Palympseste (photography), Arte Gallery Le Logge, Assisi  (Italy)

2012 Hahmajärvi, Screening in Festival of european film, Houlgate ( France)

2012 Artist Residency, Artestudio Ginestrelle, Monte Subasio, Italy

2011 Trees Story (multimedia installation), Studio (photography), Nida Art Colony, Nida (Lithuania)

2011 Artist Residency, Nida Art Colony, (Vilnius Art Academy, Lithuania)

2010 Hahmajärvi (video) Screening in Alkovi Gallery, Helsinki

2010 Artist Residency, Arteles AIR, Finland

2010 Sylt, zwischen Himmel und Meer (photography), médiathèque Sophia Antipolis

2009 Anna,(photography) Rencontres Photographiques du Xe, Paris (Laureat)

2009 Les Rochers-Mouton, (environnemental installation), Artist Residency Fées D’hivers, Hautes-Alpes, France

2008 Berlin nach der Mauer (photography), NGUYENTANCHONG Gallery, Espace Commines, Paris

1999 Gretchen Projekt (environnemental Installation), commission from Kunsthaus Mosonturm, Frankfurt (Germany)


Public Collection

Lectrices, Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand, Paris (France)



2018 Runner-up, Special award celebrating the 10th Edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award

2021 et 2017 Short-listed Prix Mentor-Free Lens